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a mild contagious viral infection common in small kids


B. keratin

C. hypocalcemia

D. Neurons

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Immunology IBD › View

What were the treatment arms, and their duration, for the UNITI-1 and UNITI-2 induction studies?

A. Ustekinumab ~6 mg/kg or 130 mg, versus adalimumab over a 12-week period

B. Ustekinumab ~3 mg/kg or 220 mg versus vedolizumab over an 8-week period

C. Ustekinumab ~6 mg/kg or 130 mg, versus placebo over an 8-week period

D. Ustekinumab ~4 mg/kg versus adalimumab and placebo over a 12-week period

Biology › View

The weak bond that holds one water molecule to another water molecule is called a ___.

A. polar bond

B. covalent bond

C. hydrogen bond

D. ionic bond