Medical Quiz

Stress Quiz


Which of the following feel more stress?
A. Men
B. Women

If all of your friends each stole candy from a store, you would feel pressured to also steal.  What type of peer pressure is this?
A. Direct/Spoken Peer Pressure
B. Indirect/Unspoken Peer Pressure
C. Verbal Peer Pressure
D. Mixed Messages

Which stress is considered the GOOD stress?
A. Eustress
B. Distress

What stress is considered the BAD stress?
A. Eustress
B. Distress

Stress is always bad for you.

What is positive stress? 
A. A type of stress that is not THAT bad
B. Stress that has no physical or emotional symptoms
C. stress that causes you to perform better or get things done
D. Stress that does not last long

What is negative stress?
A. Stress that prevents you from doing something or functioning in your every day life
B. stress that lasts a long amount of time
C. stress that has many symptoms
D. stress that do not speak to anyone about

What are the “things” that cause stress?
A. Stress
B. Eustress
C. Stressors
D. Distress

What is a healthy way to manage stress?
A. Do something you love
B. Physical activity
C. Draw or write
D. All of the above

Which of the following feel stress more?
A. final year university students
B. first year university students

Chronic stress is stress that is repetitive and does not go away for a long period of time. Chronic stress is dangerous to a person’s health because it has been shown to be a contributing factor to _____________ . 
A. diabetes 
B. heart disease
C. acne
D. osteoporosis 

Which of the following is a physical symptom of stress?
A. Feeling angry
B. Sweating
C. Feeling Sad
D. Feeling overwhelmed


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