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What three parts make up the nervous system?

A. Brain, lungs and heart

B. Brain, spine and nerves

C. Lungs, heart and spine

D. Spine, nerves and vessels

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In what pathology does a decrease in the total area of membranes lead to disruption of the diffusion process in the lungs:

A. with resection of the lobe of the lung, pneumonia

B. lung abscess, atelectasis

C. lung atelectasis, bronchitis

D. pneumonia, atelectasis

E. pulmonary fibrosis, pneumonia

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What do I do? main funtion
A.     Regulates body function using hormones
B.     Take in oxygen and give off carbon dioxide
C.     Break down food into nutrients
D.     Transport nutrients to the cells and carry wastes away from the cells
E.     Controls the body’s actions through electrical impulses.