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Concerning the Nutrient Artery all of the following is true except

A. Entre the bone through nutrient canal.

B. Supply the inner deep( 3/2) of the bone cortex, medullary cavity &bone marrow.

C. Supply the metaphysis

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Microorganism that requires light energy and gains nutrients via catabolism of organic compounds (fats, carbs, proteins)

A. photoautotrophs

B. chemoautotrophs

C. photoheterotrophs

D. chemoheterotrophs

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What is the effect which thrombin has on the process of blood clotting?

A. Fibrinogen is converted to fibrin

B. Prothrombin is converted to thrombin

C. Platelets are caused to release clotting factors.

D. Clotting factors are taken up by red blood cells.