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Human Anatomy and Physiology - Types of Tissues Quiz

Blood, bone and cartilage are all examples of :

A. simple cuboidal tissue

B. epithelial tissue

C. connective tissue

D. transitional tissue

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Bacteriology › View

Spheroplasts is a

A. Gram -ve bacteria lacking outer membrane

B. Gram -ve bacteria lacking cytoplasmic membrane

C. Gram +ve bacteria lacking cell wall

D. Gram -ve bacteria lacking peptidoglycan layer

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A 32-year-old man who was discharged 5 weeks ago after hospitalization for acute pancreatitis returns to the ED complaining of epigastric abdominal pain and early satiety. An abdominal ultrasound is obtained with a substantial fluid collection noted, and a CT scan is recommended for further classification. Which of the following CT findings would be more consistent with a walled-off necrosis versus a pseudocyst?

A. Well-circumscribed fluid collection that is round 

B. Heterogenous fluid collection with liquid and nonliquid density, with varying degrees of loculation

C. Absence of internal septae within the cyst cavity

D. A well-defined wall that completely encapsulates the fluid collection

E. A fluid collection that is extrapancreatic