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Integumentary System Quiz

What is the function of the muscle tissue ?

A. covers body surfaces,

B. support and protection

C. body movement

D. forms body’s communication network.

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Bacteria Structure › View

What is the job of the cell wall in bacteria?

A. To provide protection

B. To make protiens

C. To hold organelles in place

D. To hold water and nutrients

Respiratory System › View

In humans, what happens when the breathing rate increases?

A. Additional oxygen will diffuse into the blood as carbon dioxide diffuses out of the blood in the lungs.

B. Additional carbon dioxide will diffuse into the blood as oxygen diffuses out of the blood in the lungs.

C. Oxygen from body cells will diffuse more rapidly into red blood cells.

D. Increased oxygen dissolved in the blood will stimulate the cerebrum to slow the breathing rate.