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Circulation and Excretion Quiz

What happens when carbon dioxide levels increase in the blood?

A. pH increases forcing the organisms to decrease respiration rate

B. pH decreases forcing the organism to increase respiration rate

C. the stretch receptors in the lungs cause the medulla oblongata to slow breathing

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DNA and Polypeptide Synthesis › View

What is not a role of mRNA?

A. essential to keep DNA protected

B. carry genetic code from the nucleus to the ribosomes

C. has start and stop codons which initiates translation and releases the polypeptide chain into the cytoplasm

D. carries specific amino acids to be joined onto the polypeptide chain

Cell and Muscle Histology › View

Which of the protein pairs are found in thick and thin filaments respectively?

A. Actin-myosin

B. Troponin-tropomyosin

C. Desmin-vimentin

D. Myosin-actin