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Infectious Diseases & the WHO Quiz

How do viruses quickly travel around the world?

A. Airplanes

B. Boats

C. Email

D. Shipping Containers

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Energy and Metabolism Surgical Nutrition Maximal Oxygen Consumption (VO2 Max) Nutrition Lipid Life Processes - Digestion and Respiration Agents of Disease The Brain Body Fluids and Blood Cells Skeletal Muscle Anatomy Major Nutrients Immune Cells Faction Beneath the Skin Nutrition Basic Structure of the Human Body Skeletal System

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Carbohydrate Metabolism › View

What is the purpose of lactate fermentation?

A. To produce ATP

B. To convert NADH to NAD+

C. To convert pyruvate to lactate

D. To convert glucose to lactate

Nutrition form 2 › View

Which of the following minerals help in strengthening the bones and teeth of a human?

A. Calcium and iron

B. Sodium and phosphorus

C. Iodine and sodium

D. calcium and phosphorus