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A primary spermatocytes…..

A. divide by mitosis to produce two secondary spermatocytes

B. divide by meiosis to produce two secondary spermatocytes.

C. divides by meiosis to produce four spermatids

D. divides by meiosis to produce two spermatids.

E. divides by mitosis to produce two spermatids.

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NOT an important crutch walking muscle

A. Anconeus

B. Latissimus Dorsi

C. Pectoralis Major

D. Middle trapezius

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what do synergy patterns entail

A. stereotyped sets of movements that occur in response to a stimulus / voluntary movement that involved pathology of muscle tone that affects joint positions after neurological damage

B. The breakdown of the primary motor cortex

C. Include our gait pattern and how we balance using our cerebellum