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Which is an example of a critical instrument?

A. Beam alignment device

B. scaler

C. amalgam condenser

D. x-ray receptor

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Which of the following lists describes in the correct order a part of the levels of organization of the human body?

A. molecules, cells, tissues, organelles, organs, organ systems, organism

B. organism, organ systems, organs, tissues, cells, molecules

C. molecules, organelles, tissues, cells, organ systems, organs, organism

D. organs, organ systems, tissues, molecules, organelles, cells, atoms,subatomic particles

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what is opsonisation

A. Antibodies combine with antigens and act as a marker for phagocytes to recognise the antigens and destroy them.

B. Antibodies combine with antigens and cause bacteria to be broken down and decomposed.

C. Antibodies bind with toxins produced by bacteria and neutralise the toxin.