Medical Quiz

Eye and Ear Quiz

For clear vision, an image must be focused exactly on the ________________.

A. retina

B. pupil

C. optic nerve

D. lens

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Other quiz:

Pulmonary System › View

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

A. medication to relieve the urge to cough

B. medication suspended in a mist so it may be inhaled

C. combination of external compressions to sternum and rescue breathing to maintain blood flow and air movement in and out of lungs during cardiac and respiratory arrest

D. medication that causes bronchi to dilate

Diabetes › View

What might happen if your body couldn’t process glucose?

A. You wouldn’t be able to digest food

B. You wouldn’t have the energy to function

C. You would become more likely to catch diseases

D. You would constantly be thirsty for water