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IV Therapy and Blood Transfusion Quiz

It has a total osmolality close to that of the ECF and do not cause red blood cells to shrink or swell

A. hypertonic

B. isotonic

C. hypotonic

D. tonicity

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Neurology › View

When caring for a client receiving supplemental oxygen through a nasal cannula, the nursing assistant will? Except

A. report an incorrect flow rate to the nurse immediately

B. remove the nasal cannula at mealtimes and during ADLs.

C. provide frequent oral care.

D. check the oxygen flow rate on the flow meter often.

E. check for skin irritation around his or her nostrils, cheeks, and ears.

Muscular System › View

_____ refers to muscles attached to immovable bone.

A. Place

B. Origin

C. N/A

D. N/A