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Musculoskeletal/Endocrine Systems Quiz

The word meaning “Absence of muscle tone or development”

A. Trophy

B. Atrophy

C. Paralysis

D. Hemiplegia

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Nervous / Sensory System › View

The cochlea of the inner ear is lined with ______ to create an electrical signal which travels to the brain.

A. photoreceptors

B. chemoreceptors

C. neuroreceptors

D. mechanoreceptors

Nervous System › View

3 things all neurons have in common:

A. Transmit electrical impulses away from the cell body to other cells, process input and decide what to do about it, are always positively charged.

B. They are slower in a myelin sheath, trigger less frequently than action potentials, open in response to physical stretching of the membrane.

C. They pick up stimuli, branch off from the brain and spine, people lose 13% of them every year.

D. Longest lived cells in your body, irreplaceable, huge appetites.

E. Neurons are red, violets are blue, I like health class, and so do you.