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Carbohydrates and Proteins Quiz


A complex carbohydrate that the body is unable to digest

A. Protein

B. Fiber

C. Carbohydrates

This is a example of a incomplete protein

A. Eggs

B. Fish

C. Meat

D. Legumes

A chemical substance that gives your body what it needs to grow and function properly ?

A. Nutrient

B. Fiber

C. Protein

D. Water

The amino acid made in the body?

A. Essential

B. Non-esssential

C. Complete protein

D. Incomplete protein

Lacks one or more of the essential amino acids

A. Complete protein

B. Incomplete Protein

C. Essential Amino Acids

D. Non-essential Amino Acids

True or False: Having too much cholesterol in the body increases a persons risk of heart disease



Proteins are made up of smaller chemical units called?

A. Amino Acids

B. Sugars

C. Hormones

D. Starches

This is stored in your liver and muscles and later used for energy?

A. Glucose

B. Fiber

C. Glycogen

D. Protein

Starches which are ,Chains of glucose linked together are called ?

A. Simple Carbohydrates

B. Complex Carbohydrates

C. Protein

D. Fiber

Source of protein that contains all nine of the essential amino acids?

A. Complete Protein

B. Incomplete Protein

C. Essential Amino Acid

D. Non-essential Amino Acid


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