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Suppose a certain species of insect lives in the lush green canopy of the rain forest. Some of the insects are bright green in color, and some are bright yellow. Assume there is a natural predator of the insect in the area. What do you expect to happen to the populations of the green and the yellow insects over time?

A. The green insect population will increase and the yellow insect population will decrease.

B. The green insect population will decrease and the yellow insect population will increase.

C. Both insect populations will remain constant over time.

D. Both insect populations will increase over time.

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What direction foes the electrical signal travel through the neuron?

A. From dendrites, down the Axon, and out Axon terminalsThis is a correct answer

B. From Axon terminals, down the Axon, & out of the dendrites

C. Any direction up or down the cell

D. From the Axon, to the Dendrites, and out the Axon terminals

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Thrombokinase together with calcium ion and vitamin K convers P to Q.

A. P: prothrombin Q: thrombin

B. P: thrombin Q: prothrombin

C. P: fibrinogen Q fibrin

D. P: fibrin Q: fibrinogen