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Branches of Medicine Quiz

____________ deals with the urinary and male reproductive systems.

A. Gross Anatomy

B. Urology

C. Geriatrics

D. Orthopedics

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BIOMEDICAL MCQ Body Organ Senses and Locomotor System Food System & Nutrients Innate Immunity Musculoskeletal Body Systems Human Organ System Muscles and Movements Health Related Fitness Disability Etiquette & Physical Activities Anatomy: Muscle Bone Nervous System Life Processes - Digestion and Respiration

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Immunity › View

Anitigens on pathogens which have got into the human body can lead to the development of specific immunity.

That is an immunity which responds only to this antigen.

Which of the following cells causes the specific immunity?

A. Erythrocytes

B. Macrophages

C. Lymphocytes

D. Phagocytes

Cancer & Cell Cycle › View

Cancer is

A. a premature stop in the cell cycle.

B. uncontrolled mitosis.

C. programmed cell death.