Medical Quiz

Health and Hygiene Quiz


A medicine that can give you immunity to a disease is called a __________.

A. microbes

B. vaccine

C. white blood cell

Sources of Vitamin C include the following except

A. Amla

B. Orange

C. Beans

This is a treatment that makes the body stronger against infections and diseases.

A. host

B. microbe

C. vaccine

D. pathogen

The flu is caused by a ______________.

A. bacteria

B. virus

C. fungi

__________ causes typhoid

A. Bacteria

B. Protozoa

C. Fungi

The following are ways diseases spread except __________

A. By direct contact

B. By insects

C. By being friendly

Garbage should be covered because

A. it falls on the road.

B. flies breed over it and it spreads diseases

C. animals eat from garbage bin

D. None of the above.

Fungi cause skin infection



_________ are diseases that can be transmitted from one person to another

A. Non communicable diseases

B. Communicable diseases

C. Goitre

Diseases that are not spread from person to person are called this.

A. communicable

B. contagious

C. susceptible

D. non-communicable

This protects our bodies from bacteria and viruses and includes white blood cells and antibodies that fight germs.

A. microbes

B. immune system

C. diseases

D. protons

Which among these are pathogen

A. viruses, bacteria, fungi

B. viruses, bacteria, and infections


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