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There can be only 1 word root per word

A. No

B. Yes

C. Yes but needs to have a prefix or suffix

D. Yes, but has to be used with a combining vowel

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All of the following are true regarding Dengue fever except

A. Positive tourniquet test is an indication for platelet transfusion

B. Complications are Hemorrhage, Shock syndrome, DIC, encephalitis, Hepatitis, myocarditis

C. Warning signs are – Abdominal pain, persistent vomiting, hepatomegaly >2cm, Fluid accumulation, lethargy, rapid rise in hematocrit with fall in platelets, mucosal bleed,

D. Severe Dengue is – Shock, Respiratory Distress, severe haemorrhage, severe organ involvement

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How does the muscular system help the digestive system?

A. It helps remove waste

B. It slows down digestion

C. It stops you from eating

D. It helps you exercise