Medical Quiz

Medical Terminology Quiz

Word Roots are the

A. Main idea or structure of the term

B. Source of all evil

C. Represent the time, location, number,

D. Descriptor of the term

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Virus, Bacteria, Immunity Protozoan Diseases Nervous & Endocrine Systems Healthcare Careers Digestive System Medical Terminology Pathology Immunity in Humans Diseases of Digestive System Human Circulatory System Bones, Joints and Muscles Tib/Fib, Knee and Femur Diseases & Disorders Endodontic Surgery Hospice Basics Musculoskeletal System

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Simon looks at an image of a slide and notices that all of the chromosomes are lined up in along the middle of the cell. He is likely looking at a cell that is in

A. prophase

B. metaphase

C. anaphase

D. telophase

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a flap of tissue that closes when we eat so food doesn’t not go down the trachea
A. larynx
B. pharynx
C. trachea
D. epiglottis