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Macro and Micro Nutrients Quiz

To help our seleves to be healthy, Matt suggests:

A. “Run every single day for at least 5 kms.”

B. “Don’t be perfect, just try to be better tomorrow”.

C. “Make sure you count every calorie you are eating”.

D. “Play as many video games on Nutrition as you can!”

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ADVBIO Genetics Cell Reproduction Gaseous Exchange in Humans Dental Caries Nutritional Trivia Characteristics of Life Inflammation and Healing Wellness Vocabulary Regulation of Urine Formation Components of Food Respiratory System Integumentary System: Skin Disorder Nervous System Functioning Diseases of The Digestive System Skin Diseases

Other quiz:

Pediatric Cardiology › View

For stable pediatric bradycardia, what is the recommended medication?

A. Push dose epinephrine

B. Push dose calcium chloride

C. Push dose glucagon

D. Push dose Levophed

E. Push dose dobutamine

Mnt For Pulmonary Disease and Adverse Reactions to Food › View

The following are causes and examples of food intolerances except

A. Cystic fibrosis

B. Lactose intolerance

C. Phenylketonuria

D. None of the above