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Nutrition form 2 Quiz


Protein can be divided into two types. Which type does the food in the diagram represents?

A. meat protein

B. milk protein

Food pyramid guides us on the energy content of the food. Which food class will be at the top of the food pyramid?

A. Protein

B. Minerals

C. Carbohydrate

D. Lipids

Which of the following components build up protein?

A. carbon, hydrogen and oxygen

B. fatty acids and glycerol

C. carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen

D. hydrogen and oxygen

Arman would like to host a birthday party for his sister who is highly concerned with her diet. Which of the following menu will fulfill her sister’s request?

A. Creamy cake, pizza and coke

B. Fruit cake, veggie burger and orange juice

C. Fruit cake, fried noodle and mineral water

D. Chocolate cake, fish burger and canned drinks

What is the end product of the food shown in the figure?

A. amino acids

B. glucose

C. glycerol

D. fatty acids

Faiqah is diagnosed with anaemia when she was a baby. As a dietician, what would you suggest to help her with the symptoms?

A. Eating food rich in fats

B. Consume more suppliments

C. Eating food rich in iron and vitamin B

D. Exercise vigorously to get fit

Which of the following minerals help in strengthening the bones and teeth of a human?

A. Calcium and iron

B. Sodium and phosphorus

C. Iodine and sodium

D. calcium and phosphorus


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