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Vital Signs Quiz

A nursing assistant notes a patient’s blood pressure to be 148/96. Which is the BEST action the assistant can take?
A. Tell the patient the blood pressure reading
B. Report the reading to the patient’s nurse
C. Wait 15 minutes and repeat the procedure
D. Immediately repeat the procedure in the other arm

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Other quiz: STNA (State Tested Nursing Assistant)

The charge nurse asks you to take this blood sample to the lab STAT.  You are in the middle of feeding a patient.  What do you do?
A. Finish feeding the patient, you don’t want the meal to get cold.
B. Cover the meal to keep it warm and immediately take the blood sample to the lab.
C. Tell the charge nurse she needs to do it herself.
D. Casually walk the sample to the lab while stopping to talk to some friends on the way.