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Musculoskeletal System Quiz

What is the opposing muscle group for the biceps? 

A. Quadriceps

B. Abdominals

C. Trapezius

D. Triceps

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Microbial Growth › View

The stage in population growth with the highest rate of cell division is the

A. stationary phase

B. lag phase

C. exponential phase

D. enlargement phase

Fats And Oil › View

difference between flash point and smoke point is

A. ​​​​​​fat or oil combusts when reaching smoke point
B. smoke point is when fat/oil starts to break down and release free radicals and acrolein
C. ​​​​​​flash point is same between oils but different between fats
D. ​​​​​​flash point is temperature when most of the deep frying happens while smoke point is when most of the confiing happens