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Cells, Genetics & Heredity Review Quiz


Which is most likely the reason parents and their children have similar physical traits?

A. They live in the same home.

B. They have similar genetic structures.

C. They are born in similar environments.

D. They have similar blood types.

Which is a characteristic of most single-celled organisms?

A. They have a complex nervous system.

B. They contain several different types of cells.

C. They perform all life processes.

D. They have a circulatory and a respiratory system.

A mother rabbit has a litter. One of the babies is born with one long ear and one short ear. What most likely caused this one rabbit to be born with one short ear?

A. The mother rabbit had previously lost an ear in an accident.

B. The mother rabbit became sick before she gave birth.

C. A mutation occurred during the development of this one rabbit.

D. This one rabbit received less nutrition than the other rabbits before it was born.

Which of these traits is most influenced by a person’s environment?

A. ability to roll the tongue

B. blood type

C. weight

D. eye color

Which is an example of a trait that is inherited?

A. dimples

B. intelligence

C. weight

D. favorite color

Which characteristic is the best example of an inherited trait?

A. short hair

B. eye color

C. pierced ears

D. long fingernails

Which is an example of a non-inherited trait?

A. shape of face

B. hair color

C. food preference

D. rolling your tongue

Which statement best describes how a multicellular organism survives?

A. Every cell carries out the same functions for the survival of the organism.

B. The cells all have the same structures that allow the organism to survive.

C. All life processes are performed by each cell for the survival of the organism.

D. The cells have different functions, and together they are essential for the survival of the organism.

Which is a trait children most likely inherit from their parents?

A. favorite color

B. food preference

C. freckles

D. weight

In what way are insects and humans similar?

A. Both are single-celled organisms.

B. Both are multi-celled organism.

C. Both have cells that capture sunlight to make food.

D. Both have cells that carry out all life functions.

Some people have a “hitchhiker’s” thumb that allows them to bend their thumbs more than other people. How do these people most likely get this trait?

A. They learn it from friends.

B. They inherit it from their parents.

C. They get it as a result of an illness.

D. They get it as a result of their jobs.


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