Medical Quiz

Musculoskeletal System Quiz

You have a patient who has a diagnosis of osteomyelitis; based on this, what is priority?

A. Elevating the injury

B. Alternating heat and ice on the injury

C. Prescribing antibiotics for the injury

D. Stabilizing the injury

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Microbio (Viruses) › View

How would a scientist design an oncolytic virus?

A. Prevent it from replicating in normal tissues

B. Make it produce factors that weaken the immune response

C. Just use a wild-type (regular) version of the virus

D. Randomly mutate wild-type virus until it is more virulent

AEMT EMS Systems › View

To become a licensed AEMT, a candidate must:

A. have been a licensed EMT for a period of at least 3 years.

B. be capable of lifting and carrying at least 150 pounds.

C. obtain permission from the state in which he or she will function.

D. successfully complete a healthcare provider CPR course.