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Musculoskeletal System Quiz

Your skeleton can be divided into two different sections; which section consists of the arm bones, leg bones, and pelvic area?

A. Axial

B. Fontanel

C. Appendicular

D. Appendices

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Bone › View

What are the different types of bones.

A. Long bone, Compact, Irregular bone, Flat bone, Trabeculae

B. Long bone, Short bone, Irregular bone, Flat bone, Sesamoid bone, Trabeculae.

C. Sesamoid bone, Trabeculae, Compact, Cancellous, Flat Bone

D. Short bone, Compact, Cancellous, Long bone, Flat bone.

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Paideia means what?

A. Bones

B. Incisions

C. Rearing of children

D. Casting