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Nervous System Quiz

This is a part of the limbic system and is involved with determining pleasant or unpleasant sensations:

A. Hippocampus

B. Thalamus

C. Hypothalamus

D. Amygdala

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Mouth - Stomach › View

Which of the following is another name for the baby teeth?

A. Deciduous

B. Permanent

C. Wisdom

D. Secondary

Pancreatitis › View

A 52-year-old woman has had acute pancreatitis due to gallstones. Six weeks later, she has persistent nausea and is unable to eat. A CT scan shows that the inflammation have resolved, but there is a 10 cm pancreatic pseudocyst posterior to the stomach which is displacing it anteriorly. MRCP shows communication between the pancreatic duct and the pseudocyst.  The most appropriate management is

A. pseudocyst-gastrostomy with cholecystectomy

B. percutaneous aspiration

C. continue total parenteral nutrition for 3 more weeks

D. administer somatostatin analogue

E. perform pancreatic duct stenting