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Nervous System Quiz

The vital centers for the control of visceral activities such as heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, swallowing, and vomiting are located in the:

A. pons

B. medulla oblongata

C. midbrain

D. cerebrum

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Oxygenation › View

Nurse Mike is doing a Pulmonary Function Test. Which of the following pulmonary function test is viewed to assess for large airway obstruction?

A. Forced expiratory flow

B. Forced midexpiratory flow

C. Forced end expiratory flow

D. Maximal voluntary ventilation

Thrombosis, Emboliya › View

The pathogenesis of true stasis is:

A. Intracapillary aggregation of erythrocytes

B. Slow blood flow in the capillaries

C. vasodilation and increased permeability

D. Complications of venous hemorrhage

E. cessation of bleeding