Medical Quiz

Skeletal System Quiz

study of the functions of the structures of the body

A. anatomy

B. physiology

C. cytology

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Nutrition In Animal Uses of Radioactive Radiation HNBS Intern Trauma Safety and First Aid General Anatomy Parathyroid Gland Healthcare Delivery Systems and Insurance Health and Hygiene Anatomy and Physiology Skeletal System Circulatory & Respiratory System First Aid Check up Circulatory and Nervous System Cardiovascular and Respiratory Nutritional Measurements

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Division of Microbiology › View

Study of those microscopic organisms on nano level.

A. Nano technology

B. Nano microbiology

C. Nano agent

Communicable Diseases and Immune Response (OCR) › View

What term is used for proteins and glycoproteins on the surface of cells which can induce an immune response?

A. antigens

B. antibodies