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Skeletal System Quiz

If the subpubic angle is ________________, then the skeleton is female.

A. greater than 90 degrees

B. less than 90 degrees

C. equal to 90 degrees

D. 60 degrees

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Nervous System › View

Which is NOT a step in a reflex action?

A. Sensory neurons in your hand send impulses to your spinal cord.

B. Neurons control voluntary actions to regulate actions that happen automatically.

C. Neurons in your spinal cord process the information.

D. Muscles contract

E. Messages travel to your brain

Thyroid Gland › View

Why do thyroid hormones affect every cells in the body ?

A. Thyroid hormones don’t affect every cells

B. They don’t need thyroid hormones

C. They need energy to survive

D. None of these above