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Biochemistry of Diabetes Quiz

It causes a loss of self-tolerance among T-cells that specifically target beta cells antigen

A. Genetic Abnormality

B. Disruptions in diet

C. Lack of exercise

D. Water loss

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Many men make antibodies to sperm, resulting in destruction of sperm to the point of sterility. What would be the likely origin of this autoimmune disease?

A. Multiple

B. T helper cells erroneously identify sperm cells as foreign invaders, triggering the T cytotoxic cells to start killing sperm.

C. These antibodies are produced as a result of mutations in T lymphocytes, causing them to make large amounts of antibody.

D. Since sperm are not made until after puberty, the immune system cannot scan the antigens on the sperm for immune tolerance. After sperm are made and the immune system sees them, they are recognized as foreign.

E. Antigens on sperm cells are similar to antigens on a variety of bacteria like Streptococcus. After a strep throat caused by Streptococcus, the immune system produces antibodies to streptococcal antigens, which then cross react with sperm antigens and destroy them

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The stuff, found inside areas of spongy bone, which is the primary site of red blood cell production.

A. red marrow

B. pink marrow

C. green marrow