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Terms for The Skeletal System Quiz

Bones of the wrist could be classified as 

A. Short Bones

B. Long Bones

C. Irregular Bones

D. Flat Bones

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Consider the Einthoven’s law. The voltage measured at right arm is -0.4 mV, the left arm is +0.4 mV and the left leg is +1.0 mV. What is the value of the potential measured by the lead I:

A. positive potential of + 0.8 mV

B. positive potential of + 1.4 mV

C. positive potential of + 1.3 mV

D. negative potential of – 1.3 mV

E. negative potential of – 0.4 mV

Cell Cycle Problems › View

agents that can cause mutations in DNA leading to the development of cancer

A. carcinogens

B. mutagens

C. mutations

D. gene