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Anatomy and Physiology- Cardiovascular Sysytem Quiz

What is the correct path through the circulatory system which describes the passage of a blood clot originating in the left leg?

A. Vena cava → left atrium → left ventricle → lungs → right atrium → right ventricle → aorta

B. Vena cava → right atrium → right ventricle → lungs → left atrium → left ventricle → aorta

C. Vena cava → left atrium → right atrium → lungs → left ventricle → right ventricle → aorta

D. Vena cava → right atrium → left atrium → lungs → right ventricle → left ventricle → aorta

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______ are large cluster of lymphatic cells found in the pharynx

A. adenoids

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The study of the occurrence, distribution and transmission of diseases in human populations (disease detectives) is

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