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Tissues Vet Science Terms Quiz

consists of cells filled with lipids

A. adipose tissue


C. peripheral nervous system

D. Neurons

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Parts of the Body Virus Human Genetics Body Fluids and Blood Cells Monoclonal Antibodies Phlebotomy Medical Terminology Blood Formation and Clotting Central and Peripheral Nervous System Molecular Genetics Integrated Science Muscular System CLPT, M.Pharmacy, Pharmaceutics; Regulatory Affairs Sexual Reproduction Effects of Exercise on the Musculoskeletal System Blood and Bones Respiratory

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What hormone is responsible for the “fight or flight” response?

A. Testosterone

B. Cortisol

C. Adrenaline

D. Parathyroid Hormone

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This branch of philosophy studies the concept of knowledge. 

A. Metaphysics

B. Empiricism 

C. Epistemology 

D. Theology