Medical Quiz

The Microbial World Quiz


Viruses can only be observed by a special microscopic called:

A. Compound microscopic

B. Glass microscope

C. Thermometer

D. Electron microscopic

Except ____________, all fungi are microscopic.b

A. Coronavirus

B. Yeast

C. Spirogyra

D. Algae

Which instrument is used to see Microorganisms?

A. Spring Balance

B. Barometer

C. Microscope

D. Veena

Algae mostly grow in _________ places.

A. moist

B. freezing

C. wet

D. hot

The size of Bacteria varies from _______ to _______ micron.

A. 10 – 6 micron

B. Bangalore to Chennai

C. 0.02 – 2 micron

D. 0.2 – 2 micron

Bacteria are multicellular organisms. State whether true or false:

A. True

B. False

C. Don’t ask me this question

D. Can’t be defined

What is that hard outer covering which protects microorganisms from harsh conditions?

A. Skin

B. Cyst

C. Antivirus Software

D. Cotyledon


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