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a condition commonly called a twisted stomach in which the fourth stomach of a cow fills with gas and is pulled upward.

A. Displaced Abomasum

B. Tendons

C. rigor mortis

D. rigor mortis

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The Ear › View

External ear consists of

A. Pinna, auditory canal and ear drum

B. Eustachian tube and oval window

C. Vestibule, semicircular canals and cochlea

D. Malleus, incus and stapes

Hematology › View

When performing platelet aggregation studies, which set of platelet aggregation result would most likely be associated with Bernard-Soulier syndrome?

A. normal platelet aggregation to collagen, ADP and ristocetin

B. normal platelet aggregation to collagen, ADP, epinephrine; decreased aggregation to ristocetin

C. normal platelet aggregation to epinephrine and ristocetin; decreased aggregation to collagen and ADP

D. normal platelet aggregation to epinephrine, ristocetin and collagen; decreased aggregation to ADP