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Circulatory and Nervous System Quiz

What part of the brain responsible for the muscle movement?

A. Cerebellum

B. Cerebrum

C. Brainstem

D. Nerves

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Healthy Lifestyle › View

Based on the Malaysian healthy plate ” Suku-suku separuh” we are advise to take _____ fruits and vegetables.

A. ¼ of the plate

B. Half of plate

C. ¾ of the plate

D. Whole of the plate

Trauma › View

Which one of the following patients is most at risk for multisystem trauma?

A. 16 year old who fell four feet from a ladder

B. 66 year old woman ejected from a vehicle rollover

C. 44 year old man whose foot was crushed by a forklift

D. 27 year old struck in the head by a baseball bat