Medical Quiz

Excretion in Humans Quiz

Urea is carried from the _______ to the _______.

A. stomach, liver

B. liver, kidneys

C. kidneys, stomach

D. kidneys, liver

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Bone Marrow Histology › View

What is the first identifiable cell in the erythroid series called? Is it a large or small cell?

A. Proerythroblast; small cell

B. Proerythroblast; large cell

C. Proerythrocyte; large cell

D. Proerythrocyte; small cell

Genetics › View

What does heterozygous mean?

A. An organism that has the same genes for a trait (TT or tt)

B. An organism that has different genes for a trait (Tt)

C. When neither gene is fully dominant; offspring is a mixture of both

D. the different forms of a trait (hair color–> brown, blonde, red