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Excretory and Musculoskeletal System Quiz

What is the function of the excretory system?

A. to collect and remove wastes from the body

B. to strengthen skeletal muscles

C. to strengthen skeletal muscles

D. to bring oxygen to body cells

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_____________ is a branch of biology dealing with the structure, function, multiplication, pathology, and life history of cells.

A. Cell Biology

B. Histology

C. Cytology

D. Both A & C

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Which is a difference between frogs and bacteria?

A. Frogs are able to control all life processes in one cell, while bacteria cannot.

B. Frogs are single-celled organisms, while bacteria are multi-celled organisms.

C. Frogs are multi-celled organisms, while bacteria are single-celled organisms.

D. Frogs must rely on other single-celled organisms for survival, while bacteria are dependent only on themselves.