Medical Quiz

Cells & Body Systems Quiz


The process by which wastes are removed from the body

A. digestion

B. excretion

Combination of plasma and cells. Vital fluid that supplies essential substances and nutrients to the cells and removes waste.

A. Blood

B. Plasma

C. Platelets

D. Veins

Tubes that carry oxygen-depleted blood towards the heart.

A. Veins

B. Arteries

C. Heart

D. Blood vessels

What part of the digestive system is highlighted?

A. Esophagus

B. Appendix

C. Small Intestine

D. Stomach

Permits blood to move through the body to carry nutrients, oxygen, hormones, etc.

A. respiratory system

B. reproductive system

C. circulatory system

D. none of these

Muscular organ that pumps in humans and animals. Pumps blood through the blood vessels of the circulatory system.

A. Arteries

B. Veins

C. Heart

D. Blood

Which body system is responsible for protecting the structures underneath from infection and disease? (think the skin)

A. Integumentary System

B. Digestive System

C. Respiratory System

D. Excretory System

Blood’s built-in safety net. When you get a cut, they help your blood to harden or clot.

A. Plasma

B. Blood

C. White Blood Cells

D. Platelets

Muscle that moves up and down to expand the lungs. This helps you breathe.

A. Lungs

B. Nose

C. Diaphragm

D. Trachea

What body system breaks down food for energy?

A. Urinary System

B. Digestive System

C. Lymphatic System

D. Respiratory System

The Central Nervous system includes what two organs?

A. Brain and Nerves

B. Brain and Spinal Cord

C. Spinal cord and Nerves

D. Nerves and Neurons

The process by which the body breaks down food into energy

A. excretion

B. digestion

Main part of respiratory system. Puts oxygen into the bloodstream.

A. Mouth

B. Lungs

C. Nose

D. Trachea

To take in matter or energy

A. collection

B. composition

C. aborption

D. density

The process by which the body breaks down food so that it can be used for energy.

A. composition

B. digestion

C. deposition

D. absorption

Carries oxygen-rich blood from (away) the heart to the tissues of the body.

A. Veins

B. Blood Vessels

C. Arteries

D. Plasma

What part of the digestive system is highlighted?

A. Small intestine

B. Large intestine

C. Stomach

D. Liver

The system used to take in oxygen to the lungs

A. respiration

B. respiratory system

C. reproductive system

D. circulatory system

Any living thing or individual

A. Cell

B. Organism

C. Tissue

D. Organelle

A group of organs that work together to perform a major function in the body

A. organ

B. organ system

C. tissue

D. cell


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