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Infectious Diseases & the WHO Quiz

Which famous billionaire said we are not ready for the next pandemic?

A. Jeff Bezos

B. Bill Gates

C. Elon Musk

D. Oprah Winfrey

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Medication Administration Body Fluids BMI (Body Mass Index) Head and Neck Anatomy Anatomy - Muscle Contraction and Growth Dermatology Vocabulary The Microbial World Brain, Neurons and The Nervous System Facial & Dental Injuries Hospitality Muscle Origin, Insertion, and Function Common Diseases in Human Beings Medicinal use of Microorganisims Bacteria and Viruses Neuroanatomy

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There are between 50-100 of me on each taste bud and I only live for 10 days

A. Tastepore

B. Papille

C. Receptor site

D. Gustatory hair

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A. Banana
B. Beans 
C. Bagels
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