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Radiology Infection Control Quiz

Waste that consists of blood, blood products, contaminated sharps, and other microbiologic products.

A. Antiseptic

B. Asepsis

C. Pathogen

D. Infectious Waste

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A person with swollen gums rinses his mouth with warm salt water, and the swelling decreases. Which of the following has occurred?

A. The swollen gums have absorbed the saltwater solution.

B. The saltwater solution lowers the temperature of the water in the gums.

C. The salt in the solution has moved against the concentration gradient.

D. The water in the gums has moved out due to the high concentration of salt in the solution. 

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What can happen to fish when there is not enough oxygen in the water?

A. They can suffocate

B. They can’t float

C. They can’t see.

D. Nothing. Fish don’t need oxygen.