Medical Quiz

Eye Quiz

A person with only one eye would probably have bad…

A. depth perception.

B. astigmatism.

C. accuity.

D. myopia.

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Homeotic Genes and Cancer › View


A. grow in skin and tissues that line the organs of the bone

B. grow in the bone and muscle tissue

C. spread of cancer cells beyond their original stae

D. a genetic disease caused by a mutation in the genes that control cell division

Endocrine System › View

In a “fight or flight” situation, the hypothalamus transmits nerve impulses directly to the _____________ to secrete ___________

A. Adrenal medulla 肾上腺髓质, adrenaline and noradrenaline

B. Adrenal medulla 肾上腺髓质, adrenaline only

C. Adrenal cortex 肾上腺皮质, noradrenaline only

D. Adrenal cortex 肾上腺皮质, adrenaline and noradrenaline