Medical Quiz
Musculoskeletal/Endocrine Systems Quiz

What is the name of the disease that shows itself by decreasing density in bones, causing porous (holes), openings? (More common in women due to loss of estrogen)

A. Osteoarthritis

B. Osteospondylitis

C. Osteoporosis

D. Osteoblastosis

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Other quiz: Macromolecules & Enzymes

If the enzyme is functioning at 55 degrees and a pH of 8, but its optimal temperature is 60-80 C and pH is 3. What conditions will increase rate of enzyme?

A. Decreasing the temperature to 22 and pH is kept the same

B. Temperature is kept the same and pH is decreased to 6

C. Temperature is increased to 90 and pH is kept the same

D. Temperature is increased to 70 and pH is decreased to 4