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What does the suffix ‘-logy’ refer to?

A. Inflammation

B. Study of

C. Forming or causing

D. Blood condition

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Blood & Blood Vessels › View

__________ is the clear, thin, and sticky fluid portion of blood that remains after coagulation. It contains no blood cells, platelets, or fibrinogen.

A. plasmam

B. water

C. blood proteins

D. serum

Fluid and Electrolytes › View

Labs have been drawn to see if there has been any fluid and electrolyte imbalances in a child. What abnormality indicates a hypotonic dehydration?

A. Plasma Na 130-150 mEq/L

B. Plasma Na greater than 150 mEq/L

C. Serum Na less than 130 mEq/L

D. Plasma Na 140 mEq/L