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ology & phobia Quiz

A person who studies geology would have a hard time if he or she had a fear of what?
A. rocks
B. airplanes
C. blood
D. heights

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Cardiovascular and Respiratory Deficiency Diseases Differentiation and Division of Human Cells Balanced Diet The Inflammatory Response Biodiversity Name that Pathogen Pancreas Nutrition and Calorific Value Cell Reproduction Musculoskeletal Injuries Genetic Diseases Environment Brain/Neuron Anatomy Muscoskeletal Injuries

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How long do red blood cells live?

A. 70-160 days

B. 2-3 weeks

C. Full life span

D. 1 day

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Thick strands or root like aggregation of somatic hyphae in some fungi——

A. Enteromorph

B. Exomorph

C. Rhizomorph

D. Rhizoids