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Danielle likes to study how living things survive. What might she enjoy studying in college?

A. biology

B. dermatology

C. geology

D. cardiology

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Name that Pathogen DNA Replication Immunity Physical fitness , Wellness and Lifestyle ology & phobia Anxiety Disorders Proteins Liveability Forensics: Blood ESR (RBC sed rate) The Inflammatory Response Animal Genetics and Nutrition Medical, Legal, and Ethical Issues Muscle Tissues Eye and Ear

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Microbial Growth & Nutrition › View

Bacteria that obtain their carbon source from carbon dioxide (inorganic compounds) are called?

A. Chemotrophs

B. Autotrophs

C. Heterotrophs

D. Saprophytes

Lymphatic System › View

A. I and III only

B. I, II and III only

C. I, II and IV only

D. I, II, III and IV only