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History of Immunology Quiz

An antibody that attaches to cellular or particulate antigen and prepares for phagocytosis is known as

A. Opsonin

B. Precipitin

C. IgM

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What is the only non-metal that is liquid at room temperature?

A. Brotine

B. Bromine

C. Broline

D. Biotine

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Our immune system normally helps us resist infection and disease. Sometimes, however, it may actually work against us by attacking certain tissues or organs in the body.

Examples of this include cases of transplanted organs and autoimmune diseases. Which is a counteraction to the problem?

A. give a vaccine to cause an immune response

B. take immunosuppressants to reduce the immune systems attack what it thinks is a “foreign” invader

C. take antibiotics to prevent the immune system from attacking

D. give the patient more antigens