Medical Quiz

Branches of Medicine Quiz

_____________ is the study of blood.

A. Cardiology

B. Hematology

C. Neurology

D. Immunology

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Hematology Lab Values Anatomy - Cellular Respiration Warm up Cell Asexual/Sexual Reproduction Genetic Diseases Sterile Medication Products Cancer & Cell Cycle Thrombosis, Emboliya Human Reproduction Eye Homeostasis, Nutrition, Digestion & Absorption Inhalation Injury Body Defense Brain/Neuron Anatomy

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Which vitamins are fat soluble:

A. B complex and C

B. Iron and Calcium

C. A,D,E,K

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What is the side of the adult heart?

A. size of an apple

B. size of a pillow

C. size of a pea

D. size of a large fist