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Biodiversity Conservation Quiz

All the different types of living things on the planet is called…

A. Biodiversity

B. Biology

C. Ecology

D. Ecodiversity

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Health - Nutrition ICU Skeletal Tissue Speed, Flexibility part of Components of Physical Fitness DNA and Polypeptide Synthesis Vitals Diversity Bone Shapes & Long Bone Anatomy Parts of the Skin Carbohydrates and Proteins Thrombosis, Emboliya Hematologic System Essential Nutrients 3M Micropara Heart Anatomy

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Molecular Biology › View

activity requiring physical effort carried out to sustain or improve health and fitness.

A. energy

B. excercise

C. healthy

D. nutrients

Muscle System › View

Where is cardiac muscle located?

A. lungs

B. heart

C. liver

D. stomach